Walk for Life

Join us for our 26th Annual Walk for Life!

Saturday, September 17th

North Cleveland Church of God

Registration begins at 8:00 AM, and the Walk program begins at 8:45 AM!

Sponsored Walkers make the Walk go round… or something like that.

The Walk for Life becomes successful when people like you join the efforts. This year, our goal is to raise $100,000! We are able to do that when we come together as One Solid Community. If you want to be involved, here are some roles to consider:

Church/Community Liaison: This person coordinates with their church or workplace to recruit Team Captains and Team Members. They will be in communication with New Hope staff in order to receive up to date Walk information and encouragement.

Team Captain: This person will recruit people to join their Walk team (the more the merrier!). Team Captains will encourage their Team Members to set big goals, ask people they normally might not, and strive to meet their own fundraising goal. (Teams can be families, office groups, Sunday School classes, a group of friends, etc.)

Sponsored Walker/Team Member: These people are focused on raising funds and inviting people to the wonderful opportunity of supporting New Hope’s mission. Sponsored Walkers set financial goals, ask friends, family, co-workers and others to sponsor them in their efforts, and earn incentives as they raise money. 


Raising money is easier when you’re doing it together! To form a team, choose a team leader and rally others to join you. Team members raise money by reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, etc. and asking them to donate to them or the team. (Remember, you are giving others the opportunity to support New Hope’s Life-saving and Life-changing work!)

By the day of the Walk, your team will have helped reach our fundraising goal AND earned amazing walker prizes (listed below).


Redeemable at Lasaters Coffee and Tea of Cleveland (both locations) and White Wing Christian Bookstore.

Families that are raising money together will receive one Walk for Life T-shirt for every $275 raised. Individuals raising money on a team will earn their T-shirts individually.

Raise $1000 or more for an invitation to Tracie’s Kitchen — a dinner party with our CEO!


That’s okay! You can still help us raise money by joining a walk team or registering as an individual fundraiser (You can do that here). While we would love to have you at the Walk (and will miss you dearly), your efforts as a fundraiser will have far-reaching impact. 

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come to the event whether they’ve decided to fundraise or not. However, we want to encourage you to partner with us as a fundraiser not only to raise funds for our mission, but to offer more people in the community the opportunity to support New Hope’s Life-saving work.

No worries! There is an indoor walking track at North Cleveland.

The walk route is 1.5 miles long, starting at North Cleveland Church of God, going through downtown, and looping around our center on Worth Street.

You can turn in money on the day of the Walk at North Cleveland Church of God during the registration process.

December 31, 2021 is the deadline to use your single-use vouchers at Lasaters Coffee and Tea of Cleveland, White Wing Christian Bookstore, Kristal’s Creation Shop, and Sassy Kat Kreations, and Ava’s Beahive!