Our Mission and Core Values


New Hope Pregnancy Care Center empowers those affected by unplanned pregnancy in the Bradley County area to make life affirming decisions by providing help, hope, and accurate information through free, confidential services and community education. 

Core Values

The following are New Hope’s operational core values. These are the enduring, deeply held ideals that guide our internal operations and daily conduct. Our mission statement tells why we exist; our core values describe the way in which we accomplish our mission. Our mission statement assures that we do the right things; our core values assure that we do them the right way.

Professionalism: We conduct ourselves in a manner that communicates to others that we are professionals. We dress like professionals, speak like professionals, and do our work in a professional manner. Most of our other values are further expressions of our professionalism.

Excellence: One of the ways we express our professionalism is to do things with excellence. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and our work stands out for its quality.

Effectiveness: Another way we express our professionalism is to assure that our work is effective in accomplishing set goals. It’s not good enough to work hard, we want our hard work to accomplish desired results. Ultimately, our commitment to this value assures fruitful ministry and mission accomplishment.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves in an honest and transparent way, assuring that our organizational behavior matches what we say we value and believe. We want others to trust us, which means we behave in a consistent and trustworthy manner.

Accountability: We continually assess ourselves so we can assure that our work is accomplishing our stated mission and goals—and is in alignment with our core values. Our assessment is focused on both our collective and individual work, and assures that each person is accomplishing his/her individual goals.

Unity: We maintain oneness in our overall mission and core beliefs. We work together in harmony, honoring one another as valuable co-laborers in a common cause. We handle conflict in a manner that is direct, but also in a way that honors those with whom we have the conflict. We speak the truth to each other in love so that we may protect both the peace of our organization and the quality of our collective work.