New Hope Pregnancy Care Center has worked for 32 years to empower those affected by an unplanned pregnancy to make life-affirming decisions.
New Hope: where life meets hope.

Our staff and volunteers work side-by-side to provide help, hope, and accurate information to those in need in the Bradley County area. We offer free, confidential services and community education to all of our clients. It is our intention to make every client feel supported, heard, and loved. In addition to our crisis pregnancy services, we also provide recovery support for ladies dealing with the hurt of a past abortion or the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Our supporters’ generosity enables New Hope to grow its list of services with each passing year. Your support as a volunteer, prayer partner, or financial donor ensures New Hope is able to continue offering all services free of charge. Together we are working to save the future— one life at a time.

New Hope Team

Tracie Shellhouse
Chief Executive Officer
Beth Henderson
Director of Operations
Beth@newhopepcc.org (423) 479-5825 ext. 101
Delaney Walker
Director of Advancement
developmentdir@newhopepcc.org (423) 479-5825 ext. 108
Marilyn Gonzalez
Office Manager
adminassistant@newhopepcc.org (423) 479-5825 ext. 104
Sandee Williams
Client Services Manager
clientservices@newhopepcc.org (423) 479-5825 ext. 109
Linda Casper
Development Coordinator (Baby Bottle Boomerang)
linda@newhopepcc.org (423) 479-5825 ext. 105
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We would be unable to fully meet the needs of our clientele without the hours dedicated by volunteers on a daily basis. Take a moment to check out the volunteer page to see if New Hope is the right fit for you.


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