Walk for Life

We are inviting YOU to join New Hope Pregnancy Care Center as a sponsored walker for the Walk for Life on Saturday, Sept. 19, like you’ve never experienced!

Due to concerns associated with the COVID crisis we are not going to meet for a group walk*. Instead we are asking you to Work Together for Life by walking with your family in our community. On Saturday, Sept. 19, we want you to step out for life in your neighborhoods, on your favorite trails, on your treadmills, or across the city! We are looking forward to seeing your photos, videos, and updates when you tag us in your posts on Facebook! (Facebook.com/NewHopePCC)

We know this is not what you pictured when you thought of this year’s Walk for Life, because being apart is not what we pictured either! However, this may be an even greater opportunity for us to spread the word about LIFE farther than we ever have in previous Walks. Together we have been saving and changing lives for 34 years. Let’s make this Walk one to remember! We’ll reminisce next year in North Cleveland Church of God’s gymnasium.

*The day of the Walk: Stop by the center on Saturday, Sept. 19, between 9 a.m. and noon to drop off your walk brochures and offline donations, in addition to picking up your walker prizes and swag bag! (Check out this year’s walker prizes at the bottom of the page!) We will be set up in the parking lot so you can either drive through or park to interact with us face-to-masked-face. We look forward to seeing you!


Sponsored Walkers: We hope you choose to join us as a sponsored walker in this year’s Walk. Anyone can do participate! As a sponsored walker, you play an active role in helping us reach our fundraising goal! The plan is simple: grab a form or set up a FundEasy page, set a goal, and then ask friends, family, coworkers, etc. to donate toward your goal!

You can pick up a Walk form at our facility, 353 Worth St. NW, print one off (Walk for Life Brochure), or request one be sent to you via mail.

FundEasy pages take the hassle out of collecting money and keeping track of your goal. Here is a link to our FundEasy event page.  (Right here!) Click “Participate” and then choose either “Walker” or “Coordinator.” (The latter option is for those leading a group.) Once you set up your page, you can share it via social media sites and email. Friends from across the world can donate in minutes!

Walker Prizes: 

1) Collect a $5 gift voucher* to Lasaters Coffee and Tea in Cleveland, TN, for every $100 you raise. (Example: If you raise $500, then you will receive $25 in gift vouchers.)

2) Earn the 2020 Walk for Life t-shirt when you raise $225!

3) Receive an invitation to Tracie’s Kitchen, a dinner party catered and hosted by CEO Tracie Shellhouse, when you raise $1000 or more!


If you have any interest in participating as a sponsored walker, church liaison, or underwriter contact Director of Advancement Delaney Walker via email, advancementdir@newhopepcc.org, or phone, (423) 479-6683 ext. 7.


*Families or groups (i.e. The Henderson Family) represented on one FundEasy profile/walk brochure will not receive multiple vouchers for each person. However, t-shirts for families or groups working together will be given for every $225 raised. (T-shirts will not be given in excess of the number of people on the team.)