Baby Bottle Boomerang

“Baby Bottle Boomerang is a fun, easy, and rewarding way to support New Hope’s mission. We hope you will take a moment to consider whether this program is a good fit for your church, school, organization, group, or family!

Remember: when you fill bottles with change, you are helping to change lives!”

-Linda Casper, Development Coordinator

Baby Bottle Boomerang is a change-collecting program with four simple steps: pick up the bottles from New Hope; pass out the bottles to participants; collect the bottles after two to six weeks; and contact Linda Casper (Development Coordinator) for a pick-up. Linda can be reached via email,, or phone, (423) 479-5825 ext. 105.

Each bottle contains an opportunity to: learn how you are helping to save lives; request a receipt for a tax deductible gift ($25 and up); and offer the collected coins, cash, and checks as a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one!

Your donated pocket change supports New Hope’s efforts to provide free limited obstetrical ultrasounds, nurse-verified pregnancy tests, peer counseling, maternity and baby supplies, and the good news of Jesus Christ.